Vehicle Add-Ons

“ADM Additional Dealer Mark-Up” or “Vehicle Add-Ons” or “Addendums” or “Dealer Adds” 

Whatever they call it, it’s just NOT right! 

Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting a great deal, then have the dealer turn around and add $3000 to the sale price for mystery items you didn’t ask for and you don’t want! 

Proof #1

Tired of being forced to pay dealer add-ons for things you don’t want or care about?

Did you get a price over the phone or internet only to have that price go up by $1000’s when you got there? Or did they wait until the very end to drop this surprise on you?
Did they try to force you into buying items you don’t want and didn’t ask for?

Some dealers name these phantom items like “Apex”, “Performance Plus”, “DNT” or some other name that actually means nothing.

Some items are for a legitimate product like window tint or wheel locks but if they are already on the car when you call or email shouldn’t they tell you about them when they are pricing the car? Of course they should but rarely ever do.

Did you get a price on a car that was $1000’s lower than other dealers only to have that “Gotcha” moment when you got there or worse yet they spring it on you in the Business Office?

At Katy Nissan – We Let YOU Choose!

-Buy ONLY the items you find have value.
-You are never forced to buy items you don’t want to buy.
-We don’t add items to every vehicle on the lot.

Proving there’s a Better Way.